The talents and skills of the design team are the heart of Cod Steaks. With the latest CAD software at their fingertips, our designers achieve extraordinary levels of quality, providing visualisation and modeling in two and three dimensions. We understand when you need a detailed construction drawing, layout or manufacturing template. Our capability to prototype and test in the workshop will also ensure accuracy and understanding between fabricator, designer and client.

Conceptual design / design development / detail design / production design / interactive design / graphic design / interpretive design / product design / concept sketching / illustration / spatial design / white card modelling and prototypes / 3D scanning

Design case studies

Model making

We are world famous for model making, with an impressive, unique catalogue of sets, models and props for the film, television, advertising and theming industries. Our skilled artisans combine creativity, attention to detail and an advanced knowledge of construction to produce exquisite results, often seamlessly integrated with digital and audio visual technologies. Cod Steaks' diverse projects range from visitor attraction environments to detail perfect museum exhibits and authentic replicas for brand and product launches. There is no limit to what we can create.

Replicas / landscapes / historical recreations / animal reproductions / sculpture / poly carving / resin casting / vacuum forming / prototypes / promotional props / puppets / architectural models / mould making / animation sets and props

Model making case studies

Scenic, costume and props

For years we’ve been transforming the dreams of museum, exhibition and visitor attraction clients into lovingly crafted reality. From textured rock faces to chilling haunted houses – we take pride in our ability to conceive and build immersive environments, exquisite props and detailed set works. Our world class reputation derives from our dedication.

Scenic painting / setworks / artificial landscapes / rockwork / textured surfacing / costumed figures / set dressing / poly carving and coating / spray finishing / film sets and props / textured finishes / replicas / oversized props / polyurea resin & foam spraying

Scenic, costume and props case studies

Interactives and special fx

We know that it's crucial to understand what captivates an audience when designing engaging interfaces. This is especially true in educational and historical contexts, where learning is a desired outcome. We can integrate lighting, sound and screen technology in our installations, as well as animated figures and illustrative models. Our interactive work is backed by onsite training, warranties and the operating manuals where required.

Mechanical interactives / interactive design / prototyping and testing / animatronics / electronic interfaces / audio visual / lighting / water features / special effects

Interactives and special fx case studies

Structural fabrication

Magic happens in our fully equipped workshop. Here we design, fabricate and construct an exceptional range of components. Our diverse portfolio includes metalwork shaping and cutting, MIG and TIG welding and CNC machining. We are able to create intricate flat panelling, modular displays and cladding for structural frameworks. We can cut, weld, sand, bend, buff, grind, fix, blend, treat and coat any material you can imagine. Stainless steel public art works, nine metre high curved cinema screens and even an oil rig have been created entirely within our building

Themed rides / frameworks / joinery / sculpture / mount making / MIG and TIG welding / CNC machining / display cases / display stands / armatures / metalworking / braising / surface treatments

Structural fabrication case studies

Installation and fit-out

Construction is an integral component of every service that we offer. We know it’s vital to get this right. Every millimetre counts when fitting out and installing. Every member of our construction team knows their specialism intimately. When a project demands it, we go further, and install onsite. For larger fit-outs this can mean working as (or with) the main contractor and managing sub-contractors

Installation / prototyping / set build and construction / display cases / fit-out / retail installation / temporary exhibitions / permanent exhibitions / themed installations / site management / sub and main contractor duties

Installation and fit-out case studies

Project administration

We know smooth running projects rely on meticulous planning. From quote to installation, you can trust us to deliver. Our project managers work with Construction and Design Management (CDM) regulations. Our depth of experience ensures we will offer you expert guidance on the impact of design decisions.

Project planning / estimating / contract management / site management / sub contract management / health and safety / financial control

Project administration case studies