Aardman Animations

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! an animated feature from Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures. We worked with Aardman from start to finish, managing the build and delivering a programme of large scale sets and props, all created inhouse at Cod Steaks. Our facility comes with a talented crew that specialise in set building, model making, paint finishes and all aspects of themed fabrication for animated and live action feature films.

Blood Island is an impressively vast set of a Caribbean port, spanning almost 20 metres. It boasts an array of beautifully crafted buildings, each with its own unique character and exquisite attention to detail.

Our Dickenson London street scenes are rich in texture and full of character and charm, with cobbled streets, grimy alleys, leaking gutters and cracked windows. We also produced Queen Victoria’s palace interior and the ornately carved pirate theatre, a cross between the interior of a galleon and a Victorian music hall.

One of Cod Steaks’ most impressive sets, both technically and creatively, is this stunning galleon set. The Pirate ship is a skilfully engineered model that can be dismantled for separate scenes and reassembled seamlessly for full shots. The Pirate ship is a key set for Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures animated feature film The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!

Every detail has been considered throughout the 3.5 meter long ship which includes, full rigging and sails, a beautifully crafted ships wheel, rusty anchors, storm-weathered decks and ornate carvings. We also created the captain’s quarters interior set showcased here, which includes all of the ornately detailed props.

"They were our first and only choice for the project. I can’t believe anyone else could have delivered the artistry – and the security that they could match our ambitions."

Peter Lord, Director, The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!


  • Model making
  • Scenic, costume and props
  • Structural fabrication
  • Media