Population Matters

Big Foot

Consisting of hundreds of steel 'babies' and standing on a squashed planet Earth, the Big Foot sculpture we designed and produced for Population Matters conveys a strong message on the impact humans are having upon the living world.

In an effort to educate the public on the ‘age of humans’, the provocative, life-size exhibit accompanied the Welcome to the Anthropocene campaign, which took place outside the Natural History Museum on 14th July 2017.

Images courtesy of @roxeneandersonphotography

"Bigfoot really is an impressive creation, and it attracted a great deal of attention that we would not have got otherwise, with many people taking photographs on their mobiles...it is the whole concept we applaud, as well as the imagination, artistic talent, design, engineering and craftsmanship skill that has gone into making it a reality"

Bill Dowling, Reading Group Coordinator