Animal Planet's River Monsters - Megapiranha

We had another cracking brief from Icon films, thanks to their work on the River Monsters series.

This time it was to recreate a Megapiranha. Measuring over a metre in length, the Megapiranha is the largest piranha species on record and a truly menacing creature, but one that had never been recreated.

Cod Steaks were tasked with designing the elements of a full scale armature that would allow presenter Jeremy Wade to build the creature on screen to show the size of the fish and its impressive teeth. The intricate bone structure was replicated in steel, to allow a 3D printed head to be attached. 

It's no beauty contest winner, but we rather like the haphazard look, while the intricate detail gives the model real intrigue and appeal.

Photography credits:
Image 1 and 3: Jeremy Wade and Megapiranha reconstruction (Emilie Sandy / Icon Films)


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