Mah-Jongg the Eltham Palace Lemur

Mah-Jongg - the ring tailed lemur and pet of Stephen and Virginia Courtauldis - is the undisputed star of Eltham Palace, one of English Heritage's flagship visitor attractions.

To help bring the historical story telling of this most unusual pet to life, we were asked to create a true scale replica. Being central to some fascinating stories during Eltham Palace's art deco period, the facsimile had to be exacting, right down to capturing the original Mah Jongg's 'more portly' silhouette - owing to a life of indulgence by his wealthy owners.

The base model was moulded in polystyrene, and then coated in resin for strength. The feet and hands were created from a wire armature, then coated in latex, to allow each appendage to be positionable, yet look true to life. The fur and eyes were added, before the entire model was artworked for complete authenticity.

We hope 'our' Mah Jongg is bringing as much joy and interest to visitors of the palace as he brought to us during his creation.


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