Shrek’s Adventure! London

Shrek’s Adventure! London

28 Apr 2016

Collaborating with simulation attractions company SimWorx, we found ourselves theming the key component for Shrek's Adventure! London - Donkey's magic bus.

The attraction, based near the London Eye, utilises a fully immersive environment to transport guests through the amazing worlds seen in the DreamWorks movies to their destination in Far Far Away Land.

Cod Steaks's role was to integrate an iconic London bus exterior with SimWorx's immersive tunnel simulator. An intensive period of design development was necessary. This was to ensure our designers had a thorough understanding of the engineering, access and safety requirements. The fabrication and installation of the body required a two stage approach that involved creating the main body at our workshops in a series of sections, before installing and adding the final details on site. Both stages were handled by us to ensure that structural and visual integrity was maintained.

We were delighted to be recognised for the quality of our theming work, and to be asked to contribute to a visionary project involving the likes of SimWorx, Merlin Entertainments Ltd and Dreamworks.

Image & copy; DreamWorks Tours Shrek's Adventure! London.