War Horse

War Horse

14 Feb 2018

Exciting developments here at Cod Steaks this year – it’s not often we get to throw open the doors and show you our work in progress, but we can’t keep quiet about this...

We’re thrilled to announce work on our War Horse has started. Standing at almost 5m tall, this stunning commemorative sculpture is being built for Featherstone Town Council, with funding from WREN. Once complete, War Horse will travel upright in one piece from Bristol to Featherstone in April.

Would you like to join those already coming to line the route?


New Rooms and Castles
New Rooms and Castles
30 Aug 2017

What an eventful year it’s been - so much so we haven’t touched-down in the news feed since Christmas!

Among the exciting projects we’re working on, we’re delighted to announce the opening of two brand-new visitor experiences. Designed, built and installed by Cods, these are an absolute must for your diary:


New Room Museum

The New Room is the oldest Methodist chapel in the world, and Cods’ fully immersive museum is packed from floor to ceiling with exquisite artefacts, interactives and much more. Not content with flat graphics, we like to take museum interpretation to another level – have a look at our case study here and, better still, come and experience it for yourself.

Case Study


Porchester Castle

 …has also received the Cods treatment – from life sized sculptures & flock of seagulls, to an interactive floor map there is something to engage visitors of all ages.

Case Study


More news coming soon…



Merry Christmas from Cod Steaks
Merry Christmas from Cod Steaks
13 Dec 2016

What a fantastic year it's been.

We would like to wish everyone, including our clients, suppliers and partners a happy and peaceful Christmas and prosperous New Year.

The Cod Steaks team.

Sir Ridley Scott: Past, Present & Future Visionary exhibition opens
Sir Ridley Scott: Past, Present & Future Visionary exhibition opens
21 Oct 2016

We’re just back from the official opening of the Sir Ridley Scott: Past, Present and Future Visionary exhibition.

The reason being we were asked to recreate one of Sir Ridley Scott’s most iconic cinematic triumphs: the xenomorph from his 1979 epic Alien. With its menacing aesthetic, the creature requires little introduction.

Our brief was to design and build an authentic replica of the xenomorph from the original (and only) Alien film directed by Sir Ridley Scott, as a key part of an exhibition celebrating his cinematic works.

Despite the weeks of intense research and crafting, ensuring that every detail was present and correct, we’re ready to do it all over again. It really was a heap of fun to do!

For those of you eager to bask in greater detail you can link directly to the case study of the xenomorph replica.

We'd like to thank Sheridan Design for giving us the chance to recreate one of the greatest on-screen sci-fi nightmares, and wish South Tyneside Council every success with their new centre for storytelling and language: The Word.

British Engineering Services promotes new branding
British Engineering Services promotes new branding
28 Sep 2016

In the forming of new branding for British Engineering Services (BES), designers Forest UK wasted no time in contacting Cod Steaks to commission the creation of bespoke signage for their client's head offices. Their brief was to create a three-dimensional chrome, black and red rendering of the carefully considered BES 'coat of arms' in exquisite detail.

Hand-fabricated to allow control over finer details such as the lion and ribbons, we were able to deliver a high quality finish that was faithful to the brand.

We are grateful to Forest UK for giving us the chance to work with them on this extremely important client project, and are eager to complete the other variants in the BES portfolio.

If you're looking for a little inspiration for how you could promote your company or client, take a look at some of our recent successes here

With a flexible workspace and workforce, we will be able to help, whatever your creative brief.

The National Waterways Museum - Severn Trow
The National Waterways Museum - Severn Trow
28 Jul 2016

The National Waterways Museum in Gloucester, run by the Canal & River Trust and based in the centre of the historic Gloucester Docks, is the recipient of a series of new galleries and exhibits. Celebrating the uniqueness of the River Severn and Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, they tell the stories of the people who lived and worked on the canal network which played a vital role in the supply of goods to the industrial Midlands.

As part of the renovation Cod Steaks were asked to build a 6.7 metre long Severn Trow out of rope - 400 metres of 8 different types of rope to be exact!

Despite the use of almost a quarter mile of rope in its construction, the trow is extremely light - weighing less than 100kg in total. This aspect of the design, together with the sculpture being built as two separate sections, enabled ease of transport and installation. In order to ensure that the model was accurately replicated, a complete wooden structure of the trow had to be made to allow Cod Steaks's team to mould the rope around.

The Severn Trow has already featured on BBC Breakfast, in a report on the refurbishment and new exhibitions.

Gloucester's National Waterways Museum, reopens to the public on 29th July 2016.

The Danger Tree – A ground-breaking visual arts experience
The Danger Tree – A ground-breaking visual arts experience
01 Jul 2016

Cod Steaks were asked to create detailed set works for Scarlett Raven - the world's first augmented reality contemporary artist - to provide the backdrop to her trailblazing new project 'The Danger Tree', which commemorates the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Collaborating with award-winning film set designer Kave Quinn to magically transform a 2,000ft space in Greenwich, we recreated a blown-out building from the French/Belgian border. Parts of the exposed roof and walls echo with the sounds of war, and hold Scarlett's paintings suspended amidst the devastation, each beautifully lit and positioned to take the viewer on an incredible journey. The collection challenges viewers to see the works from many views and perspectives through the influence of multiple layers of content, including the words of the war poets emotively performed by leading British actors, Sean Bean, Christopher Eccleston and Sophie Okonedo.

Scarlett is the first oil painter to work in the exciting world of augmented reality. Working exclusively with Blippar - world leaders in the field of augmented art - the viewer can use their smartphone app to unlock Scarlett's poignant experiential pieces, stripping away the layers of paint to reveal the creative journey beneath each painting.

Read the case study